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The Midmark Animal Health Dental Success Kit provides you and your clinic with the tools and resources to effectively enhance your Dental services as a whole.

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Client Education Tools

  • (3) Exam Room Posters (Learn more…)
  • (50) Dental Services Client Brochure w/Report Cards (Learn more…)
  • (50) Anesthesia Safety Client Brochures (Learn more…)
  • 20 Steps in Professional Dental Cleaning Handout*
  • Grading of Periodontal Disease Handout*
  • Oral ATP for Your Pet Handout*
  • Preventative Dental Home Care for Your Pet Handout*
  • Client Go-Home Letters:
    • Mild to Moderate Gingivitis Client Handout*
    • Early Periodontal Disease Handout*
    • Established to Advanced Periodontal Disease Handout*
    • Oral Surgery Patient Care Instructions Letter*

Productivity Tools

  • Online Benchmarking Survey & Report (Learn more…)
  • Appointment Reminder Procedure, Scripts and Letter Templates
  • Canine / Feline Dental Charts (pad of 50)
  • Dental Instrument Checklist & Instructions for Wrapping Oral Surgery Pack
  • Flash Drive Containing Customizable Document Templates
  • Before and After Picture Templates

Marketing Tools

  • Public Relations Guide
  • Public Relations Planning Template
  • Press Release Templates – Dental Suite Opening & Open House
  • Social Media Guidebook for the Veterinary Practice (32 pages)

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