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Equipment. Solutions. Success. We began by designing high-quality equipment solutions for your dental suite. Now, after years of research, we have developed a game-changing training program that will teach you how to lead your practice to lasting success and dentistry excellence for your patients.

Veterinary dentistry represents the single largest opportunity for patient care and practice growth for today’s companion animal hospital. 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of three have periodontal disease, which means that half of the patients you see each and every day need treatment.

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  • Best Practices Workshop

    Customized dentistry training, brainstorming and planning workshop for your entire staff

  • Clinical Dentistry Labs

    Hands-on labs for DVMs and Technicians to give you the skills and confidence
    to succeed
  • Dental Radiograph Intrepretation Webinar

    Identifying oral pathology visible in radiographs

Proven Results

Midmark, in partnership with Dr. Cindy Charlier, DAVDC, conducted a first-ever study to determine the key factors for improving patient care and creating sustained success in the dentistry portion of a small animal practice. Midmark provided five clinics with comprehensive training, state-of-the-art dental equipment and marketing support. They achieved remarkable results.

In just 12 months, the hospitals:

  • Doubled dentistry revenue as a percentage of their overall practice revenue
  • Tripled their productivity measured by revenue per doctor
  • Added nearly $75,000 in incremental revenue to the practice

Midmark AcademySM was created to support all of these keys to success, resulting in increased revenue, improved productivity and better patient care. 

Our training program ensures success because:

  • Training is provided by Dr. Cindy Charlier, one of the top boarded veterinary dentists and trainers in the world, along with our nationwide network of veterinary Technical Specialists in Dentistry
  • The program includes a benchmarking tool to customize training to the specific needs of your hospital
  • Training is provided for the entire staff: technicians, doctors, client care coordinators and practice managers
  • Clinical training in your clinic, with your equipment, in your environment
  • Each package includes a Dental Success Kit with all of the tools, client education materials and templates to jump-start your program
  • Ongoing coaching, monitoring and refreshers are available
  • The results have been proven

Midmark AcademySM Course Listing

Based on our research, the following courses are designed to provide the essential dentistry training for you and your entire staff. We offer them as single courses and in packages that are customized to your needs.

  • 436-31239 - Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry Online Course (RACE 1 Hour)
  • 436-15471 - Double Your Dentistry™ Interactive Online Course (RACE 1 Hour)
  • 436-25738 - Dental Radiography Interpretation Live Webinar (RACE 1.5 Hours)
  • 436-29905 - Interpretation of Feline Radiographs (RACE 2.0 Hours)
  • 436-29904 - Interpretation of Canine Radiographs (RACE 2.5 Hours)
  • 436-30609 - Dentistry Best Practices Workshop (RACE 8 Hours)
  • 436-30606 - Advanced Clinical Dentistry Lab for the DVM (RACE 8 Hours)
  • 436-28690 - Dental Radiography Positioning Lab for DVMs and Technicians (RACE 4 Hours)
  • 436-28689 - Cleaning, Probing and Charting Best Practices Lab for DVMs and Technicians (RACE 4 Hours)
  • 436-21585 - Anesthesia Monitoring 101 Best Practices for DVMs and Technicians (RACE 4 Hours)
  • 436-21586 - Anesthesia Monitoring 201 Best Practices for DVMs and Technicians - (RACE 4 Hours)

These courses meet the requirements for the stated hours of continuing education credit in jurisdictions which recognize the AAVSB RACE approval. However, participants should be aware that some state boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions on certain methods of delivery of continuing education.


The chief medical architect of our landmark study and training curriculum on how to create successful dentistry programs, Dr. Cindy Charlier, DAVDC brings 30+ years of small animal practice and ownership experience to the Midmark AcademySM continuing education seminars. She is one of the most sought after speakers and trainers on veterinary dentistry, and recently sold her dental and oral surgery referral practice, Fox Valley Veterinary Dentistry and Surgery to devote her full attention to training and education. She spent the first 19 years of her practice career as a partner in a 22 doctor, 3 hospital, AAHA small animal practice. She is a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College, a Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry and member of the American Veterinary Dental Society. She has been recognized by her peers as a recipient of the Peter Emily Outstanding Resident Award and the Fellow of the Year award.


Midmark Dental Training & Education Network (DTEN)

We are continuously adding to our training network, utilizing the top fully-credentialed technician trainers across the country. All of the trainers in our network are either NAVTA accredited specialists with the VTS (Dentistry) designation, or have submitted reference letters from at least two Diplomates of the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC). Our network is of such high quality and experience that the AAVSB has approved Midmark’s courses to provide RACE credits for both technicians and veterinarians. Each and every one of them has been on-boarded and trained at our Versailles, OH, training and education center to ensure they adhere to the highest quality standards in the profession.

VTS Dentistry GEOMAP

Midmark Anesthesia Monitoring Training & Education Network (AMTEN)

All of our AMTEN trainers are NAVTA accredited specialists with the VTS (Anesthesia) designation and lead the industry in training and educating veterinary clinicians in the best practices of anesthetic monitoring. The network includes faculty members of several top veterinary university programs and national conferences as well as the immediate past president, current president and president-elect of the American Veterinary Technician Anesthetists organization.  Their work appears regularly in esteemed industry periodicals and textbooks, and they have support from members of the American Veterinary College of Anesthesia & Analgesia (AVCAA) to provide training to both technicians and veterinarians.

VTS Anesthesia GEOMAP

Maximize your dentistry potential with turn-key solutions for your continued success.

Determine Your Potential with our Dental Calculator

Periodontal disease is the #1 untreated disease in pets today. How many patients with disease are you missing and how much annual revenue could you earn?

Midmark Veterinary Dental Benchmarking

Find out how your veterinary dentistry program compares to the industry's top performers so you can reach your full potential. This comprehensive survey evaluates your performance, fees, equipment, client education and marketing programs. A customized report will be created that shows how you stack up against best practices. Then we will suggest steps you can take to maximize your dentistry potential. This program has been designed to give you immediate feedback on key areas of improvement so you can enhance your medical care and increase your profits.


Midmark Veterinary
Dental Success Kit

Use our professional toolkit and take the pain out of developing your own handouts and brochures. Give your staff the confidence and support to deliver a consistent message about your dentistry standard of care and improve compliance to your dental recommendations. This is exactly what you need to begin realizing a return on the investment in your dental suite equipment.



Midmark Veterinary Dental Success Tracker

Base lining and tracking dental performance proved to be a key factor of success for our study clinics. However, knowing what to measure and how to get accurate data can be challenging, and the process time consuming. We have partnered with Sikka Software to develop a special dentistry reporting module that will sync-up with your data going back 24 months to produce accurate dental progress reports. Once the software utility is downloaded, it will run a monthly dental report in the background that gives you a complete look at your
dental performance.



Free Progeny® Software Tutorial

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