Client Brochures from
Midmark Animal Health

To help you communicate value, explain best practices and increase compliance.

Committed to better patient care and better business, Midmark Animal Health is developing a toolbox of materials to help support your message and high standards of care. Designed to help improve compliance, display these in your waiting room, in each exam room, and hand them out directly as you review your recommended treatment plan for their pet.

Anesthesia.  Am I Safe?

Your pet’s safety and comfort come first.

Studies show that the no. 1 reason people don’t want dental care for their pets isn’t the cost, but rather, the fear of anesthesia. Midmark Animal Health, the makers of Matrx® anesthesia machines and Cardell® Monitors, has created this tool to help you overcome their fear. By explaining what anesthesia is, and discussing the best practices for ensuring a safe and comfortable anesthetic experience, this brochure will help communicate, in a subtle way, the investment you have made that allows you to deliver the best clinical care possible.

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How are my teeth?

We are committed to your pet’s oral healthcare – are you?

Since 70% of cats and dogs over 3 have periodontal disease, chances are many of your clients have a pet that needs to be treated, but haven’t yet committed to a thorough dental exam and cleaning under anesthesia. While homecare is extremely important, this brochure was created to help you educate your clients about oral health and explains what complete oral health assessment and treatment consists of. It includes a tear-off dental report card, and walks the client through each step of a professional dental cleaning and assessment. Combined with the Anesthesia brochure above, it helps address 8 of the 10 reasons why owners don’t get dental procedures done on their pets.

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What’s my BP?

Blood pressure is invisible; but the effects of high or low blood pressure are not.

For Cardell® monitor owners, this brochure will provide your clients the link between their last visit to the family doctor and the wellness exam you perform on their pet. Every time we walk through our doctor’s door, they weigh us, and take our blood pressure, without exception. That’s how instrumental blood pressure monitoring has proven to be in the early detection of disease and illness. Since physiological changes occur much more rapidly in pets, using hypertension screening as a tool to monitor underlying health can be extremely valuable, and this will help you get the point across.

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