Introducing SODASORB®  LFthe next generation of COabsorbent with safety you can see

Are you tired of guessing when it’s time to replace your soda lime? Maybe you’re having difficulties with keeping patients under anesthesia. Or are you just trying to continually improve your practice by ensuring safety, reliability and comfort? Then you’ve come to the right place.  Midmark is now your provider of the next generation of C02 absorbent with safety you can see - SODASORB® LF.

SODASORB® LF ensures the comfort and well-being of both patients and staff in your clinic and unlike traditional absorbents, it displays a permanent color change  when its absorbent capabilities are exhausted. S​ODASORB® LF allows you to keep your focus on what’s important - your patients.

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Click here to download the Midmark color indicator. This will provide a color scale to help you know when your SODASORB® needs to be changed out.

Download the SODASORB® Brochure to learn more



What sets SODASORB® LF apart from the rest?

  • Permanent, high-contrast color change when absorbent capacity is exhausted or if absorbent becomes desiccated
  • Eliminates the potential dangers that come with inhalation anesthesia such as the production of compound A, carbon monoxide, and heat generation due to the desecration
  • Unique formulation makes the use of anesthetic agents more efficient
  • Minimal resistance to gas flow
  • Unique, uniform, pellet shape reduces caustic dust making for cleaner equipment and faster change-out
  • Proven safety record ensures the comfort and well-being of both patients and staff
  • SODASORB® LF is available in convenient pre-pak cartridges or in Canister Pak bags. Standard SODASORB® is also available in these packages as well as a five gallon pail.


Use this SODASORB® LF Color Indicator to determine how exhausted or desiccated your Sodasorb LF is. Notice there is an "initial" color change that occurs when gasses come in contact with SODASORB® LF. This slight color change does not warrant a change out. Only when the color of your SODASORB® LF matches that of the "Exhausted" or "Desiccated" boxes on the Color Indicator do you need to change your SODASORB® LF. Download the Color Indicator